April 2, 2019

Hi guys!

Hope you are all fine. Today I want to talk about the brand I never knew I would review – Huda Beauty! The reason why I was not thinking ever to review this brand is because it is not just my brand! Simple.

Huda Kattan is a popular beauty blogger from the Middle East. After her popularity she decided to create her own brand Huda Beauty which is mostly famous bu its liquid lipsticks and eyelashes. I first saw this brand many years ago as a small counter at Harrods. There was literally a queue (mostly Middle Eastern women) of people who wanted to by her products. I am myself is not her main audience – I am really pale and don’t like heavy make up. What is more important her make up is heavily fragranced which I really do not like.

However, about a month ago she released some news that she was going to bring a lipstick line Powder Bullet Matte Lipstick which she was creating for 2 years! Yes, she stated it. The line contains super pigmented matte lipsticks that provide comfort and non drying effect. Based on her words, each lipstick has its own crafted formula to make sure every product works perfect.

I was not sure at first if I wanted to get the lipstick to try, but while being on holiday I was at Sephora Germany and saw the stand and decided to try one lipstick for the sake of review as there was an opportunity to try (yes, somehow it was easier for me to buy a lipstick in Germany than in London). So lets see a review!

Pay Day – is a cool rosy mauve. I must say that there is a slightly mismatch between shades you see online and the actual color in real life. I did not that and managed to get a really mismatching shade for my skin tone. It is rosy mauve, but on my lips it looks pretty grey and makes me look dead. I do not have any similar matte shades in my collection, so here is the shade comparison with MAC/Diva where you can clearly see how ‘dead looking’ Pay Day is.

Speaking about the formula…..I do not understand Huda’s statement about two years of making the lipstick. This is a big disappointment, not a lipstick. Firstly, it has a soft plush matte formula which technically should provide a non drying matte application. In real life the lipstick crumbles and is not even during the application. Secondly, this is a really heavy lipstick. Huda was right when was telling us that this lipstick is the most pigmented. But this heavy pigmented lipstick highlight all lip lines making lips and overall look older and unflattering. After applying I saw myself and thought I looked like I am 40 years old woman, not 24. Finally, the lipstick is not really long lasting, will go away unevenly after the meal, therefore, requires reapplication.

Overall, for me personally this is a disappointing lipstick. To be honest, I was not in real shock, I kind of expected that I would not like it as this lipstick was not made for me.

Huda Beauty make up is made for Instagram make up. And this lipstick is not an exception. It will look nice on camera or a picture, but in real life I do not see it working nice. Another thing that made me questioning the collection the choice of shades available. Huda claims that all shades suits each skin tone, but in real life it is not. I took me a while to figure out what shade to get and still I chose not the best one. Huda, just admit you still focus on Middle Eastern women as your main audience when creating your products. Stop trying to claim your make up will suit everyone – this is not true. It is obvious that most of the make up will suit people with tanned/dark skin. And of course this lipstick smells like coconut/almond oil. It is heavy fragranced, which I expected (thought it could be worse), but still I do not understand why fragrance is still a thing in make up and skin care products.

This lipstick proved that Huda Beauty is not my brand and there is nothing that will suit me as a customer. Do not think that future lipsticks releases from this brand will make me go and try again, but we never know. But so far, matte lipstick from Huda do not deserve my love.

If you are still interested in getting something from this collection you can shop via Selfridges (22 GBP each) not affiliated

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