October 6, 2018

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Today I will talk about Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss.

As many of you know, Rimmel is a famous British mass market brand and Kate Moss happened to be a famous model from the UK. As a result, both of them teamed up and Kate has been a face of the Rimmel brand since 2001. But Kate did not just appeared on Rimmel’s ads, she also started to create make up collections with Rimmel, mostly lipsticks.

Today I will focus on two lipsticks. In fact, I am actually reviewing limited edition lipsticks from Rimmel and Kate 15th anniversary, which happened in 2016. It is 2018 now and you can’t find these particular lipsticks anymore. At least online from the Rimmel website. I found them in local Russian store which has official Rimmel stand. Despite produced in 2016, lipstick are still fine and are due to mid 2019. I could just get standard Lasting Finish lipstick as they have exact same formula and shades are permanent, but I was interested in getting something by Kate Moss as I quite like her and thought she could make something interesting based on her experience.

I got shades 51 Muse Red and 54 Rock’n’Roll Nude. Both lipsticks have limited edition pink metallic packaging (her permanent collection has matte black case) with Kate’s signature. As I said these Lasting Finish by Kate lipsticks are just limited editions shades for Rimmel’s permanent Lasting Finish Lipstick Collection. It promises to last up to 8 hours, gives much more pigment and does not require reapplying.

54 Rock’n’Roll Nude – when I got this shades I was already prepared to understand that I made a little mistake. This is a NUDE lipstick. Not pinky nude, just NUDE. I could understand it from the name, but decided to give it a try because it was the only light shade from the Kate’s collection.

As you can see from swatches comparison below it warmer than Burberry Nude Rose and lighter than Tom Ford Indian Rose and Loreal Velvet Rose. So far this shade is my first nude shade from the entire collection.

Unfortunately, this lipstick did not apply nicely. It felt like a plasticine and quite thick. After couple of hours it started to come off from the inner side of my bottom lip and I could see my natural color (and I did not eat during that time).

Swatches top-bottom: Rimmel/54 R’N’R Nude, Burberry/nude rose, Tom Ford/Indian Rose, Loreal/Velvet Rose

51 Muse Red – this is, I think, a neutral bright red lipstick. Not the shade I will probably get for myself, but why not to try. You can see from swatches below that compared to Chanel Independante and Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge, it looks warmer.

It acted much better than Nude version. Applied nicely and lasted pretty long I must say (but disappeared after having a dinner). It bleeding a little bit, but not badly.

Swatches top-bottom: Rimmel/Muse Red, Chanel/Independante, Tom Ford/Jasmine Rouge

Final thoughts: I dont know if this review can be applied to the general Lasting Finish Collection. Both shades acted differently, and I not sure if Rimmel has some issues with making nudes and have better experience with darker colors. Even if the collection was made by Kate Moss, colors were pretty standard. I do not think that this is Kate’s fault. Don’t think she is a person who is an expert is finding really nice colors. She just chose what she liked and that’s it. Also, both lipstick (and I think all Rimmel lipsticks) has a strange fragrance. Fragrance is in the middle of the ingredients list and because of that you can feel it straight away. It reminded me the problem with Givenchy lipstick as fragrance was annoying too. Therefore, I do not think I will test other Rimmel lipsticks because of this problem.

You can shop permanent Rimmel by Kate Moss collection from the official website ( 4.99 GBP each)

Or shop Rimmel standard Lasting Finish Lipstick collection here (4.99 GBP each)

Photos by me

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