September 28, 2019

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Today we again having a discontinued product from the very very famous UK brand – RIMMEL LONDON.

I have already reviewed few lipsticks from this brand and always did not like the strange smell and the formula. This time I got two lipstick that are no longer being sold – THE ONLY ONE LIPSTICK. I got both lipsticks in Russia where there was a big range of them.

I think the situation with discontinued products really shows how brands are distributing their products across them world. Russia slowly recovering from the crisis and still is not the main country where all new beauty products are launching quick. And there are lots of people there who are not aware of new products. So I understand why some brands bring left over stock to not so ‘trendy’ countries. On the same time, it is slightly rude and disrespectful.

Anyway, I got these lipsticks and want to do a review on them! Yes, they are officially discontinued, but some countries still sell them – so why not to review? Moreover, both lipsticks were within their due date – fresh and not dangerous.

The idea of THE ONLY ONE LIPSTICK is that it can do everything – good pigmentation, long lasting, no creasing and caring formula. Everything you need from the lipstick that you do not get any other. I do not know when exactly it stopped being sold but it arrived to shelves in 2016 (based on YouTube reviews) – a pretty short period of time to live, maybe was not so popular. This year Rimmel has launched a new range of lipsticks that are similar to these ones, so maybe the brand just decided to reformulated the lipstick completely.

I got both creamy and matte formula. The creamy formula has a black case while the matte one – red. I could not find any more information about these lipstick but will say that the smell of them is much better than the original lipstick. Anyway, REVIEW TIME!

210/MAUVEMENT – light mauve nude with a creamy finish. While I am writing this post this lipstick is currently out of expiry date and no longer can be used. Anyway, the shade I got is really pretty and suits my skin tone. I do not think it has a full coverage, but enough to cover my natural lip colour. It has a nice creamy formula that is not super long lasting but does not bleed or crease! I am satisfied with this lipstick but, unfortunately, cannot use it anymore due to expiry date.


810/THE MATTE FACTOR – a dark berry red with a matte finish. This lipstick still has a year to live so it was super safe to use it. The shade I got is slightly too dark for me as a red shade. The formula is between a flat matte and a creamy one. It was really easy to apply the lipstick and I did not see any dryness after. Of course you will have to reapply the lipstick after you eat but it applies nicely and no crumbles. A pretty good lipstick that I would like to wear.

Swatches: Rimmel/810

Again, I cannot recommend these lipsticks since the whole range is no longer sold by the brand. It is shame since the formula is nice but I understand the brand’s motivation to create something new and keep customers come and buy things. I am pleased with the smell of the lipstick – the original one smells really bad.

Thanks for reading me and hope you like my review!



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