September 22, 2019

Hi guys!

Again I was so away from posting my reviews since my moving. I was too busy and simple did not had any proper time just to sit down and write something.

My new review will be about the brand that is popular, cheeky and interesting – THE BALM

The Balm is an American brand founded by Marissa Shipman in 2004. It became really popular not due to its effective products but by its pin-up/50’s style packaging designs. I personally do not follow The Balm closely and cannot say my full opinion about it. I am aware that from time to time the brand has issues with naming its products/shades but the issue does not go too far and everyone forgets about it.

One of the popular products from this brand is its liquid lipstick. However, there was a line of bullet lipsticks as well.

By ‘was’ I mean that while I was doing this review I found out that the line is no longer sold – simply discontinued. I bought mine lipstick in Russia and it had a really big discount on it. Straight away it is suspicious, but at that point I was like ‘CHEAP LIPSTICK FOR A REVIEW’.

Anyway, I still going to write a review about this lipstick even it was discontinued. I want to try the lipstick (it is still within its due date) and understand why it was taken from shelves.

THE BALM GIRLS LIPSTICK promises to have good pigmentation and coverage and moisturising ingredients to care about your lips. While the cardboard packaging looks interesting and cheeky, the actual lipstick looks pretty boring – a bullet shaped metallic case that looks like a cheap version of MAC. Very simple and boring design. Let’s just review it!

MIA MOORE – neutral red shade with a creamy finish. The lipstick is really creamy and applies smoothly on lips. However, after few minutes of wearing I felt a little ‘burning’ effect on my lips. I checked ingredients and found out it has MENTHOL in it! When I was searching for more info about the lipstick I did not find any information that there is a specific reason for a menthol to be there. Maybe the brand uses it as a default ingredients for lip products to make lips look sexier (?). For me, menthol is an ingredient that is usually used for lip plumping products. This lipstick did not give any info about lip plumping effect. In terms of wearing, the lipstick did not bleed or creased. Pretty simple lipstick


Overall, The Balm produced a simple lipstick that acts like a any other bullet lipstick (but with added menthol to it for no reason). The earliest mention of the lipstick i found was in 2013 and the latest in 2017 which means that the brand decided to remove the product somewhere in 2018, I guess. I feel the brand just wants to create something new – this formula is too old and there should be something new on the market. Or maybe there will be no bullet lipstick at all – the brand will focus on its famous liquid lipsticks. I do not think I would recommend this lipstick if it was still being sold – too simple and the added menthol. I hope that we will see new products from The Balm!

Thanks for reading me and hope you liked the review!


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