September 13, 2019

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Today I am going to talk about one interesting brand that I found – EDWARD BESS.

EDWARD BESS is an American brand by Edward Bess, former model, who decided to explore the world of beauty. His namesake brand debuted in 2006 with a range of lipsticks and then successfully expanded to other beauty products.

Despite being a pretty famous brand, it is hard to get it. Edward Bess is a department store brand and has limited locations. I found that there is no official presence in the UK! Maybe it was but soon left the market due to lack of popularity (or Brexit).

Anyway, there is one main line of lipstick called ULTRA SLICK LIPSTICK – a collection of flattering and universal shades that should suit everyone. While I was pretty interested in buying few lipsticks, it was not my main focus.

The biggest star of the lipstick range is the BIG KISS JUMBO LIPSTICK. LOOK HOW BIG IT IS! A HUGE 32.8 G. LIPSTICK! The main idea of this giant lipstick is to have a multi-purpose: you can use it on lips, eyes, cheeks – basically everywhere you want! There is only one shade available for this giant lipstick – a standard cool berry tone that should suit everyone.

All lipsticks come in a black cardboard packaging and a pretty lightweight plastic tube. Nothing special, but looks luxurious and modern.

Anyway, LETS TEST.

DEEP LUST – warm dark nude with a creamy finish. ULTRA SLICK LIPSTICK promises to give smooth lips, creamy and long lasting finish and a radiant colour. This nude shade is really good and suited my skin tone perfectly. I cannot say it has high pigmentation, but good enough to cover your natural lip color. Unfortunately, the formula is not the best one – it too creamy (watery) and creases in fine lines pretty easily. It is also not as long wear as promises!

MIDNIGHT BLOOM – cool red shade with a creamy finish. Has exactly same promises and the shade is really nice as well – BUT THE FORMULA IS EXTREMELY BAD. It creased, was bleeding, not long lasting. I really surprisingly bad shade. I was in shock and disappointed.

BIG KISS (JUMBO LIPSTICK) – cool fuchsia shade with a creamy finish. Despite being A JUMBO LIPSTICK – it is pretty easy to hold. Not ideal to apply on lips (you might need a lip bruhs and just use fingers) but nice to use it as a creamy blush. While the formula should be exactly the same, I found this lipstick to be more matte. The formula is slightly better but still my crease in fine lines and bleed.

Personally, I am disappointed with these lipsticks as have read many good reviews and the whole concept and idea was close to me. But the formula is really off and so far I do not want to test any other shades. Maybe there was something wrong with the transportation that cause the formula to change. I do not know. Not the best lipsticks in the world.

If you are still interested in Edward Bess lipstick, check his official website

Thanks for reading me and hope you liked my review!


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