September 9, 2019

Hi guys!

Hope you are all fine. I have been away for a week due to moving in to another place. But I am ready with new reviews!

Today I am going to review the most expensive lipsticks in my collection by far from also not the cheapest brand – BY KILIAN

BY KILIAN is a French brand launched in 2007 by a businessman Kilian Hennessy who is a grandson Kilian Hennessy (yes, same name) – the founder of the LVMH group. In 2016 the brand was sold to Estee Lauder (Unlike to LVMH as everyone expected). It is a really luxury brand selling perfumes for more than £200, however, there are some ‘mass market’ perfumes costing just under £100.

This year the brand launched a completely new product for it – LIPSTICKS. As Kilian Hennessy described, he wanted to create a new weapon of seduction for women and expand the power of the fragrance on the body. The collection has only red shades, probably because red – the best weapon for a woman (but on the same time it is pretty flat thinking idea).

ANYWAY, as it is clear from the name – lipstick HAS A FRAGRANCE. More specifically, the smell is based on the brand’s famous fragrance – Love, Don’t Be Shy. Most of you aware that I hate fragrance in lipsticks and try avoid heavily fragranced ones. However, By Killian is not a mass market brand, it is a department store one, therefore, a very exclusive brand. I decided to buy two lipsticks from it as really wanted understand what it so impressive in them. As I said, By Killian lipsticks are expensive, but not so. They are just slightly more expensive than Tom Ford, but there are way more expensive lipsticks on the market.

The idea of a fragrance brand creating a lipstick collection is not new – there are few other similar brands doing exactly the same. I do not mind, but I think it is really a flat thinking idea as these brands think that all woman need is a fragrance and a lipstick (and no clothes). Period.

The lipstick comes in a thick cardboard box (with some sparkles) and a pretty heavy case. I will say that the lipstick looks really luxurious and expensive.

The collection has 8 lipsticks divided into two groups – SATIN and MATTE. What is interesting is that each shade has both finishes. In simple words, there are just 4 shades that have both satin and matte finishes. It is a really good idea for someone who is looking for a shade in a specific formula.

INTOXICATING ROUGE (SATIN) – neutral brick red with a creamy finish. The shade I got looks really like an oxidised blood, I must say. But it looks really nice and luxurious. As I mentioned, this is a really fragranced lipstick which was really annoying to apply. The formula is creamy, feels expensive, but it is not so special! It did not bleed, but creased slightly and was not as long wearing as expected.

Swatches: By Kilian/ 140, Pupa/410

INTOXICATING ROUGE (MATTE) – neutral brick red with a matte finish. This shade is exactly the same as a satin one but is slightly darker due to more pigment added. The formula is again super fragranced. The matte finish is also not the most unique one. Does not bleed, but creases and not long lasting

Swatches: By Kilian/240. Kat Von D/Hexagram. Loreal x Balmain/Domination

Overall, By Killian lipsticks – are just really overpriced average lipsticks. There is nothing special or unique in them (maybe that strong fragrance is super unique)

If you are not the biggest fan of the brand – do not get these lipsticks. They are not worth your money, even Tom Ford lipsticks are much better. You will just pay for the design and packaging but not for a good formula, unfortunately.

However, If you are still interested in them – check By Kilian official website (£42 each) not affiliated

Thanks for reading me and hope you liked the review!


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