September 1, 2019

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Today I am going to review a matte lipstick from a famous brand – ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS was launched in 1997 by  Anastasia Soare, a Romanian born woman, who migrated to the USA and started her beauty career by introducing a new brow shaping technique. She opened her first salon in 1997 but the first beauty product was launched only in 2000. I think you are all aware about her famous brow pencils and pomades. Since the launch, the brand grew really significantly and now you can buy everything from this brand: from setting powders to lip glosses.

Again, as with many brands I review here, I never had an experience with  Anastasia’s products. Mostly, because it was not my type of brand I prefer. Despite huge love from beauty bloggers, nothing influenced me to buy any products.

The brand can be purchased in the UK widely. in Russia it arrived only this year after the Sephora officially launched in Russia last year. There is only one type of a solid lipstick available from the brand – MATTE LIPSTICK. Probably, the brand focuses only on matte finishes but I hope there would be a creamy formula coming soon.

I picked up just one shade from the Sephora Russia. I must say the shade range is really extensive with 36 colours to choose from. The brand is cruelty free and vegan, therefore, if you choose specific brand that support it – freely go to ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS!

The lipstick comes in a standard cardboard box and the actual case is made of a slightly thick plastic. I was slightly surprised to see that the Lipstick was made in China. I have read that some products from this brand were made here, some made in Italy (like eyeshadows). I have high hoped that the formula is custom made and it is not a third-party formula. I have read that some people complained that the brand’s investors (or potential buyers) want to get more profit from the brand and try to find different way to reduce the cost of the producing and increase units being made. What I also noticed is that the ingredients list is written for each lipstick, you are getting a small note inside stating all shades and their ingredients.

Usually, I check the expiry date of each product if I can. This check showed me that the lipstick was made in 2017 (!) which was the year the collection was actually LAUNCHED officially so basically the first batch. However, I am not surprised by this. When Sephora came to Russia, many people noticed that some ‘old’ products and collections were brought there – like products that are always on offer in the USA Sephora in Russia for a full price. Or limited collections that are no longer being sold in other countries. My theory is that the brand could not create so much products for Russia, therefore, brought the left stock available. I am not saying that ALL PRODUCTS are old (this lipstick is still fine until end of the next year) and there are ‘fresh’ products in Russia but be careful when there is a new beauty shop opening in your country – check what products been sold and where they came from. We all know that it is hard to supply EVERY BEAUTY STORE with new products so brands bring leftovers.

ANYWAY, I should stop talking and focus on the lipstick.

STEVIE – Antique auburn shade with a matte finish. There is no big promises being made. We should expect high pigmented non drying matte formula. I will say that it is a really nice lipstick with a great coverage! The formula is velvety matte and applies really smoothly on your lips. I have not noticed any bleeding, there was a tiny creasing but it was really easy to remove it. There is also a little bit of transferring but overall the lipstick stayed really nicely all day!

I am really satisfied with this lipstick. A good quality product (clearly it is a custom made formula), amazing coverage and long lasting! If I have a chance to get another shade or the set of minis – I WILL GET. Highly recommend to you guys – you will not be disappointed.

To shop the whole range check Anastasia’s official website (£20 each) not affiliated

Thanks so much for reading me and hope you liked the review!


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