August 31, 2019

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Today we are going to review two beautiful lipsticks from a famous German brand – ARTDECO

ARTRDECO was founded by Helmut Baurecht in Germany in 1985 and since then was expanding around the world. It is a pretty affordable beauty brand attracting by its high quality products.

While the brand is famous across the world it is not widely popular in the UK and you can only buy it online. I never had experience with ARTDECO but heard some good (and bad) reviews from Russian bloggers.

There are different kinds of lipstick available but I chose the most common ones that you can find anywhere – PERFECT COLOR and PERFECT MATTE.

Again both lipstick have black cases where the matte lipstick has a matte case. Both come in black cardboard boxes as an extra protection. The design is really simple but I am slightly tired of this ‘everything is black and simple’ design. Inglot has it, ARTDECO has it, Artvisage has it. Maybe it is more cost effecting and the brand invested more in the formula (at the end of the day we are for the actual lipstick – not the design) – but make something slightly different!

There is a small issue I found with the design – on the bottom of each lipstick there is no name of the actual shade – only a set of numbers and one of them states the shade. I think it can be confusing in the future when you forgot the name (and maybe the number) and now need to play a game ‘find the shade you have’. I prefer when the bottom sticker replicates exactly same info about the shade as on the box.


PERFECT COLOR 820/CREAMY ROSEWOOD – warm rosy nude with a creamy finish. The formula is infused with vitamin E, should give full coverage and promises long lasting creamy finish. The shade I got is really nice and is a perfect nude for me. However, the formula could be better. It is not long lasting at all: one drink or eat and it will disappear. Plus, it was bleeding a lot. I was really lucky to wear a nude shade, do not know what could happen if I had a darker shade. I am slightly disappointed.

PERFECT MAT 125/MARRAKESH RED – dark berry red with a matte finish. This formula should not dry out, fade or bleed and it should give your lips full and even coverage. And I can confirm almost everything. The lipstick has a smooth application, does not feel dry and does not bleed. However, it can crease and it it come out slightly unevenly, therefore, you need to reapply it. Overall, a good nice matte lipstick.

In general, I really liked the quality of ARTDECO lipsticks despite not having a great time with a creamy formula. Nice decent products that maybe need a little bit of improvement.

It is pretty hard to buy the brand in the UK as there is no official selling point there. However, you can check BEAUTYBAY for a creamy lipstick (£11.95 each) not affiliated

Thanks for reading me and hope you liked the review!


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