August 19, 2019

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Today I want to talk about one luxury brand that has its own audience but does not have much reviews – DOLCE & GABBANA.

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian brand launched in the 80’s and became massively popular among rich customers. In 2009 the brand decided to launch its own make up line with the famous make up artist Path Macgrath. I do not know the exact reasons for creating the brand but think it was made to attract new audience who still cannot afford brand’s clothes but can buy some make up.

Dolce & Gabbana is a pretty controversial brand. If you follow news you might remember a big controversy happened in China last year. Of course European people like to forget thing and keep buying brand’s clothes while China banned the brand for an unknown period.

When I was thinking if I want to buy D&G products to review I was thinking about all controversies happened. I decided still give the brand a review as I always wanted to see its lipsticks quality and if there is something interesting I can find. I had a small experience with the brand before (had a pressed powder and mascara) and while products are good they are not special to pay such an expensive price. The brand does not produce super innovative products, however, once the brand introduced green and purple lipsticks which is quite unusual for a luxury brand to do (thought lipsticks were really meh).

Moreover, I decided to review Dolce&Gabbana since there are not much reviews about this brand. The main reason – it is not sold everywhere. I think in the UK the only place where you can buy its make up is Harrods. In Russia you can actually buy make up products in chain beauty stores, not just in department stores (probably because D&G is really popular among Russians). Therefore, sometimes it is useless to review something if people cannot actually buy freely. I want to review these lipsticks to show people what the deal with them.

There are few lipstick ranges available at Dolce & Gabbana. I chose two main ones: Classic Cream Lipstick and DOLCE Matte Lipstick.

Both lipsticks come in a black cardboard box and have a heavy bullet made of thick plastic covering with a metal layer.

What I found interesting is that the matte lipstick has its own name and design. It is not presented just as a matte version of a classic lipstick but a separated unique product. Both lipsticks have a strong fragrance – a type of smell when an actual fragrance is added to the product (not a scent of something). This type of fragrance is the worse of me and I think many people with the sensitive nose and skin will hate it as well.


CLASSIC CREAM LIPSTICK 630/BLACK MAGIC – neutral red with a creamy finish. Classic lipstick offers an intense colour and moisturising formula. There are about 47 shades to choose from (according to D&G website). I got a classic red shade. The formula is really pigmented and gives full coverage with the first stroke. There is no bleeding but lipstick can fade into lip lines if you drink or eat something. It is not transfer proof but can be reapplied really easy. A really good lipstick.

DOLCE MATTE LIPSTICK 642/DOLCE RUBY – cool ruby red with matte finish. The lipstick also promises high pigmentation, hydrating formula and long lasting. There 24 shades to choose from and I am really surprised to see such big shade range. When luxury brands do matte lipsticks there give only just over 10 shades as think people will still prefer creamy lipsticks. I personally really liked the application process, it is a smooth matte lipstick that gives full coverage straight away. However, this lipstick bleeds a lot. I was really upset when saw the bleeding after few minutes of wearing and I was not even eating! The lipstick behaves really nicely on lips, does not crumble or fade but it bleeds a lot and it is really disappointing.

Overall, Dolce&Gabbana lipsticks are hit or miss. While the classic lipstick worked really fine I was disappointed with the matte formula and its bleeding (maybe lighter shades work much better).

While D&G lipsticks are not bad I do not think you need to buy them. They cost a lot of money and you 100% find something else for a better price (even in other luxury brands that are not so crazy overpriced). D&G will suit people who already have everything and need something extra or people who are big fans of the brand. If you want to have a good lipstick – look at other brands.

You can shop D&G lipsticks at Harrods (£27 each) not affiliated

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