August 2, 2019

Hi guys!

Hope you are all fine. Today let’s talk about the brand that is pretty famous for unusual products – LIPSTICK QUEEN.

Lipstick Queen is a make up brand founded by an Australian entrepreneur Poppy Cybele King who been known for producing make up at her home country and then launched a Lipstick Queen brand after she moved to the USA.

I think most of you really know this brand for it’s unusual colour changing lipstick. Frog Prince – a green lipstick turning into pink depending on your PH level – is probably the most famous product from the brand. However, there are tons and tons different lipsticks Lipstick Queen offers and I decided to test out few of them, plus SPACE NK had a pretty good sale so I chose few different shades to try out!

The main issue that I got with choosing what to review is that Lipstick Queen has a really strange amount of different collections which are not separated by the formula, but by the shade group (and each of collection has own formula!) or there is even a one lipstick range (for example the lipstick that is suitable to wear with JEANS). It is totally confusing, for me for sure. The only way I could recognise ‘different’ collections is by the colour of the component. I chose three different collection that have a sort of a shade range, maybe in a future I will extra lipsticks to try.

Lets review what we got!

NOTHING BUT THE NUDES/SWEET AS HONEY – peachy nude with a creamy finish. NOTHING BUT THE NUDES is a collection of nude shades suitable for different skin tones and undertones. It promises a creamy finish, moisturising formula and good pigmentation. The shade I got SWEET AS HONEY is slightly to light for me and too peachy. I could get more suitable shade, but this particular one was on sale and I decided give it a go as did not want to be disappointed badly because of the price I paid. Anyway, the formula in my opinion is too creamy and because of that it does not give nice even application and has big chances to fade into fine lines. Plus it is not long wear, therefore, one light meal – the lipstick is gone. I did not like this lipstick, maybe darker shades are much better, but light nudes somehow always act so strange!

DATING GAME/GOOD CATCH– bright cool pink with a creamy finish. DATING GAME is a collection of bright pinks with a super moisturising formula. There is no specific reason I found about the name, just a bunch of pinks. The shade I got GOOD CATCH was also on a sale that is why I bought it on the first place. The shade is not completely mine shade so I cannot wear it apart for the review. The formula is slightly different from NOTHING BUT THE NUDES but not the best one. It was again uneven, bleeding, fading into lines. Was pretty horrible and I wanted to remove it almost straight after applying. Really strange shade and formula for me.

SINNER 90 PERCENT PIGMENT/WINE SINNER – dark wine red with a creamy finish. SINNER line is a collection of full coverage lipsticks (there is a sheer 10 pigment line called SAINT). Because it has big amount of the pigment it is supposed to be a matte lipstick. However, the brand describes its finish as a creamy glossy one which is slightly confusing. And in the reality the formula is not matte at all, just less shine to it. The only matte in this lipstick was the component. The shade WINE SINNER was really bad. Was bleeding, fading into lines, super uneven and super not long lasting! I was confused with this lipstick and have zero interested to apply again. BAD.


All Lipstick Queen I have tried did not work on me AT ALL. I am really confused with formulas, shade collections and how lipsticks perform on lips. I must say Lipstick Queen has good reviews and people like it, it just happened I did not like it! Maybe the reason was in shades I got (maybe there was a clear reason why these shades were on sale – cause they are bad), maybe it is just my lips. I really do not know! I of course will try to get other lipsticks to try, but maybe only when there will be another sale or a pretty good offer to justify my spendings.

If you are interested in buying something from Lipstick Queen, check Space NK (all lipsticks are around £22 each) not affiliated

Thanks so much for reading me and hope you liked the review!


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