July 4, 2019

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Today I am reviewing a beauty brand that I never heard before and think most of you neither – SUGAR COSMETICS.

When I first saw the brand’s stand in my local beauty shop I thought it is some indie European brand, however, it is a brand from INDIA.

I must say I do not have much knowledge about the Indian beauty market. Firstly, I never been to India and not that interested so far in this country and other Asian ones to explore the beauty industry and what lipsticks these countries can offer.

Secondly, it the lack of exposure. I am aware that India is no longer just a ‘poor’ country. There is a big market for luxury products and beauty in India (if they have Vogue India – it means that there is a luxury market to support the magazine). However, I have not seen European magazines or bloggers exploring Indian beauty sector. Even in the UK, where a big portion of a population is from India, I have not seen Indian based beauty brands being sold in main shops. You probably will only find these products in small Indian shops in specifics districts.

The only news about the Indian beauty sector I read are, unfortunately, about skin lightening products and how they are still popular and people use it to become ‘more beautiful’, which I think is completely wrong and we should stop downgrade people with darker skin tone and promote that light skin tone will give much better opportunity in your life.

Anyway, back to the actual lipstick!

I got a IT’S A-POUT-TIME! VIVID LIPSTICK which is a matte lipstick. There are other lipstick collections available, however, the stand with products was half empty, therefore, there was only one proper lipstick range I could get, at least see all shades and choose a good one. The packaging is super amazing. Really nice bright design. The actual lipstick design is pretty simple and minimalistic: black rectangular case made of plastic but does not feel cheap.

6/PEACHY LITTLE LIARS – nude pink with a mate finish. The shade I got is a nice rosy nude that I prefer to wear if do feel to wear reds. It is slightly darker (however, might look similar for some people) than TF NUDE CLOR/507 and DELIPLUS MATTE/10. Zero questions about the shade, nice and wearable colour.

The formula of this lipstick is a flat matte one. Means that it is not applied smoothly and if you have dry lips (well any type of lips) you better to exfoliate and moisturise them properly before using this lipstick. The formula does not bleed, however, it did fade in my fine lines and slightly cracked, but it was easy to touch up and make everything perfect.

This lipstick has a pretty good matte formula, however, if you have dry lips you might have some issues with it. For me personally it is not the best lipstick, I have better, but it has all good qualities to be in my personal collection and I will continue using it. Because I only have a product from just one lipstick range, I cannot say overall thoughts about all Sugar Cosmetics lipsticks, however, this one is worth trying.

I feel there is still a sort of cliche that Indian beauty brands have old way of thinking and beauty products are not worth trying. At least I had these thought due to the lack of information I receive about the beauty industry in India. Sugar Cosmetics showed that you can create a nice and bold beauty brand that can be easily compared with any European brand.

I was not able to find any ‘official’ presence of Sugar Cosmetics in the UK. I bought mine in Russia where there is an official offline store selling them.

However, you can order online from Sugar Cosmetics website as they do international shipping. This particular range costs Rs. 599 each (about £7.00) not affiliated

Thanks for reading and hope you liked the review!

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    LaNese Harvey
    July 4, 2019 at 11:59 am

    Love the color of that shade.

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