June 30, 2019

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I have been on a holiday in Malaga recently and decided to check if there are Spanish brands that are worth trying and if they offer good lipsticks. I have not researched in advance any brands, because most of the time I spend relaxing on a beach and did not focus on finding lipsticks. I my plan was ‘if I see something – I will get it.”

No, Victoria Shu Barcelona was not sold there (I WONDER WHY), but I found one brand which you can only find in Spain – DELIPLUS COLOR.

DELIPLUS COLOR is a Spanish brand that is own by a supermarket chain MERCADONA. I have not been in all Spanish supermarkets, but based on the interior Mercadona looks like a Tesco (tell me if I am wrong). Anyway, there is a beauty section in this supermarket where you can buy some make up which is mostly from DELIPLUS , however, there are few products from Maybelline. I do not know if there are other beauty brands sold there – let me know, because the Mercadona online website does not show anything or require a Spanish address to browse.

Anyway, I picked up two lipsticks to try on – one is matte and another is classic creamy one. I think there was another lipsticks range there, but I decided to give it a try to standard classic lipsticks and see what a supermarket chain can offer!

Each formula has own packaging. Both look standard, but pretty nice. Based on the packaging info, both lipsticks are made by a beauty company WE COLORS which clearly shows that DELIPLUS is just a private label. Well obviously a supermarket chain will not invest money in own unique formulas and just pay money for a private company to make some products, but private label does not mean bad, so these lipsticks my surprise us in a good way!

10 (MATTE) – rosy nude shade with a matte finish. The shade I got is really pretty, however, you probably can find it everywhere else. It is slightly darker than TF/NUDE 507 shade and much rosy than LOREAL/640 EROTIQUE. I have zero questions to the shade. Really nice and cute.

The formula, I must say, is not impressive. It is matte, but have smooth application. However, after few minutes of wearing it started to dry my lips and, what is more important, it stated to ‘crack’ and create pretty horrible dark lines that are hard to remove. I am pretty disappointed with the formula because the shade is really nice and its a shame that formula did not work well on my lips.

07 (CREME) – dark berry shade with a creamy finish. This classic lipstick has a standard creamy formula, that reminds me SMASHBOX one. It does not have much pigmentation, lets call it a medium coverage – means that you need to apply few layers to get a full coverage. As you can see below shades from SEPHORA/R03 and RIMMEL/500 are much more pigmented and require only one layer to give full color.

The formula is pretty oily and wants to leave you as soon as you have a meal or a drink. It also bleeds and transfers a lot, therefore, you need to touch up and look at mirror every time you have some lips movement or food intake. Same as with matte, I am not impressed.

Overall, both formulas are really average and did not impressed me at all. For a supermarket brand they are OK and I feel there is an audience who is shopping there and will manage to find something they love. I personally need something more from a lipstick and can find much better options in other mass market brands.

Both lipsticks costed me 4.50 EUROS each which is slightly high for a such average make up. There were Maybelline lipsticks next to it for slightly higher price which are much better in quality. Anyway, was a good experience to try out a Spanish brand (even its a supermarket brand)

Have you ever tried this brand? What’s your opinion?

Thanks for reading me and hope you liked the review!


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