March 6, 2019

Hi guys! Hope you are all fine.

Today I will review not one, but two lipsticks from Burberry Beauty.

If you follow me from the beginning you might see my old post about Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick which I found pretty disappointing for its price. But I was still curious to try other formulas from Burberry and see if I would like something better!

I picked up the rest of Burberry Lipsticks available on the market – Kisses and Full Kisses (there is also Kisses Sheer but I dont like sheer lipsticks, therefore, wont test them). I did a whole day test for each lipstick and now can give you the honest opinion! Spoiler: not really impressed.

Burberry Full Kisses/ 537 Rosehip – is a cool dusty pink shade with some purple tone. Burberry Full Kisses is a lipstick line that promises to give you the effect of fuller lips. It has buttery texture but still lightweight. It has a long thin packaging that should make the application faster and on the go.

The shade I got is really pretty. It has similar vibes with Marc Jacobs/228 Infamous, but has more purple tone and it way darker than Estée Lauder/410 Dynamic. The shade work really nice with my skin tone, it is not bright but gives nice accent on lips.

However, there are big issues with the lipstick itself. On swatches you probably can see how buttery formula is. Really thick! It keeps its promise and makes lips fuller for sure! At first I was slightly surprised seeing that my lips look bigger. And it was nice to see that the brand use ingredients to create a lipstick that will give visual effect of bigger lips, not using menthol or other irritating stuff that make lips bigger because of the reaction.

BUT IT BLEEDS. A LOT. On my lips this lipstick is too buttery. It wants to go away from my lips straight away. Way too thick! I was in shock when found how bad I looked! And I was lucky I got nude shade. Can’t imagine my face while wearing red color from this line! Another issues that I have is the design of the packaging. Usually when you open the cap you need to twist the base to release the lipstick. In this case when you open the lipstick there is already a product. Because of that you need to make sure that you close cap accurately without touching the product and destroying it. I am also scared that the buttery formula will start melting quick and if it will be in a warm place it will be just a mess.

Overall, shade is nice, application is good, but the formula itself is a disaster. You need a lip pencil for sure to secure the lipstick inside your lip contour. If you don’t like them I don’t recommend to take a risk and apply lipstick without any support.

Burberry Kisses/ 41 Pomegranate Pink – cool bright pink shade. Burberry Kisses is described as a hydrating lipstick that gives colour and comfort. The shade is really nice. Pretty nice pink without being to bright and irritating. It is similar to Bourjois/17 shade (but more luxurious) and more soft than Lancome/369 Insta-Rose.

This is a really hydrating lipstick. However, it does not give full coverage straight away. Because of hydrating ingredients you need more than one coat to get extra coverage. Otherwise, it will look patchy in some part of your lips. But even when you try to apply anther coat it will drag the lipstick making the final result uneven. It took me about four coats to get nice and even coverage. Because it is really hydrating it disappears really quick and can crease into lip lines easily. Not my cup of tea, but if you want hydration and extra colour (not sheer) you will like it.

Overall, me and Burberry dont work together. All lipstick that I have tested from this brand has more issues than benefits for me to love them. Of course I will continue to use these two lipsticks, shades a really nice, plus lipsticks are too expensive to get rid off after one use! Will try to find different way of application to see how lipsticks behave. On the plus side, Burberry lipsticks are fragrance free and will suit anyone who does not like fragrance in make up.

Unfortunately Burberry lipsticks are not for me, but I hope some of you will find them interesting and more suitable for your lips.

If you are interested in getting of these lines you get them from Burberry Official website.

Burberry Kisses (25 GBP each)

Burberry Full Kisses (24 GBP each)


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