November 28, 2018

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I am continuing reviewing some lipsticks sets that I got during my travel. This time I was in Heathrow and saw Estée Lauder lipsticks sets. I wanted to get it before, but always chose something with a less price. But now I was ready to get and check Estée Lauder sets.

I have already had an experience with Estée Lauder make up before. I have reviewed its matte lipstick and actually had main creamy lipsticks few years ago. Back then I did not like the lipstick, I think it was because it was bleeding quite a lot and after that I never tried it. The travel set was a great idea to retry the original creamy formula and see if I still like it.

The travel set has a Christmas make over (which is just a removable cover and underneath you have a standard packaging) and contains three creamy lipsticks and a small make up purse:

410/ Dynamic

– 240/ Tumultuous Pink

– 330/ Impassioned

Estée Lauder promises that Pure Color Envy will moisture lips and give high-intensity color in just one stroke. Depends on the shade, the coverage varies from medium to full. 6 hours wear. The lipstick (as all EL lipsticks) has a famous vanilla scent.

What I found interesting is that the Christmas cover and the standard one are quite different in lipsticks shades. The Christmas one is darker and has more contacts, while the original is much lighter. This might be confusing for people (or even disappointed) if they got lipsticks based on the packaging.

410/Dynamic – is a warm pink nude shade with a creamy finish. I always have a struggle with finding a good ruse nude shade. Some shades are too warm or too nude or too rosy! So far I could not find a perfect balance between the shade and brightness. But I think I finally found a nice rose nude shade for me. Dynamic is really nice rose nude shade which is also quite dark too. It mean that it works with my light skin tone and does not make my lips really bright and light. You can see how rose it is compared to Tom Ford (4/Indian Rose) that is more suitable for darker skin tones and how it is still nude compared to Estrade (211) which is a more berry shade. Overall, the best nude shade that I was looking for!

240/ Tumultuous Pink – is a bright fuchsia shade. I already have two similar shades from Lancôme (368 Rose Lancôme) and Smashbox (9 to 5) which my mother described as shades of woman from a road cafe. However, Estée Lauder lipstick is much darker meaning I can wear it freely without having judging looking from my mother. Still, fuchsia shades are not my favorite. This shade particular performed worse than the nude color. It was bleeding faster and more, however, I was able quickly to touch up without reapplying a new layer.

330/Impassioned – is an orange red shade. Orange shades don’t suit me much. They are too warm for me and too bright. What I found interesting that the shade has same number as Estée Lauder Matte Lipstick 330/Decisive Poppy! Both of shade are completely different from each other. It is the first time I see shades with different texture and color have similar numbers. Usually they always have different numbers or if they have similar color they will have same name and number (like Dior 999 has different finished in the range). As I do not have much orange reds, I found a similar shade from Rimmel (51 Muse Red) which is slightly darker. To compare I also have a Chanel (176 Independante) that is a cooler shade. This color acted the worse amount all three lipsticks. It was uneven, was bleeding a lot. It literally did not work out. The worse lipstick from the range.

Overall, I think Estée Lauder did a nice job by creating its famous Pure Color Lipsticks. The shade range is pretty nice and I think you can find anything you want from there. HOWEVER, as you can see from my review, each shade acted differently. It means that you need to test out in a shop the shade you want to see if it works fine or not. I will continue testing other Estée Lauder Lipsticks to have a good whole image what to get from this brand.

You can shop the whole range from Estée Lauder official website (27 GBP each)

If you are going to travel and be at Heathrow, you can get the set online too (60.35 GBP) links are not affiliated

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