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November 2, 2018

Hi guys!

Christmas is coming and if you are a beauty addict seeing tons of holiday editions presents and gift sets is overwhelming and you are running back and forth to get everything you can.

I personally like to treat my family with some beauty presents. For example, my sister-in-law is a student and most of the time is buying mass market beauty brands as their are cheap. During the Christmas I like to get her some luxury make up (last time got her Nars x Man Ray face set) to treat her. Also my mom usually asks something from a beauty for a New Year as she likes it too, but is not confident enough to know what is rally good or not.

However, I don’t usually buy gift sets for myself because 1. I am not big fan of limited edition make up collections 2. Gift sets are usually just repacked permanent shades and there are usually 4-5 shades in one where usually one or two will suit me and I do not know what to do with other ones. 3. There are lots of rumors that products from gift sets are usually low quality than original product. Don’t know about the make up, but some people say skin care is sometimes not the same. But because I just started my blog it will be actually nice to get some gift sets that include a number of lipsticks to test them. It might save me some money and instead of spending hours of swatching, I will just get a set and will test it. This post is partly my wishlist/ partly a suggestion for you guys what different brands are selling during the Christmas so you can be inspired and maybe get something as a present! This post will be updated, so keep eyes on it!


BareMinerals Holiday gift sets are pretty standard and more focusing on nude shades and because of that might have a different feeling if it is a Holiday time or not. Even their Celestial Magic Lipstick Gift Set (30 GBP with the value of 53 GBP) contains different nudes shades. I personally don’t understand who needs that many nudes, where most of them might not even suit your skin color. I might get it to test if some of these nude will suit me, but on the same time it does not really attract me.


Bobbi Brown has few lipsticks sets for this Christmas like Luxe on Luxe Mini Luxe Lip Color Collection (95 GBP with a value of 184 GBP) and Lip Crush Mini Crushed Lip Color Kit (39,50 GBP with a value of 81 GBP). What I like in these sets is that they include mini versions of lipsticks, not full sizes. These sets helps to try out lipsticks without feeling guilty that something wont suit you, because you got a mini version of it. Plus when you have so much lipsticks you feel you dont have time to use them all. With mini versions you dont need to worry about it.


This Christmas Dior presents a luxury lipsticks set Rouge Dior Coffret Couture Collection which is a luxury case including permanent shades: one in a tube plus five refills, all full sizes. The price might scary some people – 138 GBP. But considering that one Rouge Dior Lipstick costs 29.50 GBP, this set will make one lipstick cost about 23 GBP (or less if we remove the price of the case). I Think this set will suit someone who is a Dior big fan and will like this gift for sure. Maybe people who never had Dior make up due to the price will like it too, but I think it is too much for them and they will prefer to test out mini versions first.


Clinique has a lot of variety of gift sets, mostly skin care ones. However, there are few make up sets that might attract you. The first Kisses Gift Set ( 39 GBP with a value of 82 GBP) is a set of 5 Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer that are repacked in a more festive packaging. Another Plenty of Pop Set (25 GBP) also contains Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipsticks, but mini versions. I personally, not a big fan of Clinique lipsticks, most of them work really badly on my lips. However, if someone likes them, they will be happy to received one of these cute sets!


Elizabeth Arden usually has pretty standard gift sets which are suitable mostly for a EA fans. For example, this set Holiday Kisses Ceramide Ultra Lipstck (39 GBP) contains four lipsticks in permanent shades. To be honest, I am slightly interested in getting this set as I never tried anything from EA and would be interested in reviewing these lipsticks.


Personally, I always look forward for Estée Lauder Holiday Gift Sets as they a fun and interesting. This time there are really few creamy lip lipsticks sets. One of them is Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Collection (54 GBP with the value of 135 GBP) that includes five full-size lipsticks (3 Pure Color Envy Sculpting and 2 Hi-LustreLight) packed in a gold Christmas themed packaging. I really want this set, looks amazing and hope it will allow me to explore Estée Lauder Lipsticks more.


Rihanna does not sit still and keep launching more and more products. This holiday she launched a lot of gift sets that include this massive Mattemoiselle 10/10 Plush Matte Lipstick Collection (115 GBP) that includes 10 full-size lipsticks. However, I must note that this set does not contain permanent shades. In fact, it is a preview of new shades that probably will launched soon. I do not understand, why she did like that. Would be better if the set included mini versions to try. Don’t think there will be a person who will buy the whole set with not yet launched shades and will like them all.


M.A.C. Always surprises during Holiday seasons by launching 1000000 products and gift sets. Again it launched a big Shiny Pretty Things/Lip Kit (65 GBP) that includes 10 mini versions of their popular lipsticks. If you don’t need that many lipsticks, there are small sets divided into shade ranges like Shiny Pretty Things Party Favours Mini Lipsticks/Bright (25 GBP). This is also into my personal wish list, as I want to try as many MAC lipsticks as possible and this mini versions will help me a lot.

Don’t forget that this post might be updated as soon there are more interesting lipsticks sets coming!

Thanks for reading!

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