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Sample Review: Chanel Rouge Allure collection

October 31, 2018

Hi guys!

As you know, I like standard bullet creamy lipsticks and review them in my blog. However, I am always thinking if I somehow can improve my blog by adding something new, but not changing my concept. You know some blogs start with focusing on one thing and few years later they turn into a general make-up review blogs. I do not want it, so trying to find other ways of how to review lipsticks and adding something extra just as a support for my blog.

And this is how I came with the idea of reviewing samples. You know, you go to the shop, buy something and if you got something for a specific amount of money, the shop assistant gives you sample/mini versions of the brand’s products for you to try. Or if there is something new launched, you are given a sample to try and maybe return. So if someone gives a sample to try, why not to try and review it here? It might be a creamy lipstick or a liquid lipstick! Or maybe some other make up. I decided to give it a try and see how it goes. I must say I will focus on reviewing samples from make up only, and wont do skin care or perfume. I am not good at reviewing them. Also I think it will be a good idea to see what kind of samples brands usually give you and do they help to test the product and make you want buy the full size later?

So what happened? Few days ago me and my mom went to the Chanel counter as my mom wanted to buy herself a foundation. While she was busy with a shop assistant, I was swatching new Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme Lipsticks. Unfortunately, all shades (so far only 6 were launched) were not my favourite. I really wanted to try this lipstick, but did not want spend money on something that I wont like in terms of shades. However, because mom got few expensive products, the shop assistant gave as SO MUCH SAMPLES TO TRY (mostly skin care products). One of those samples was a collection of all Rouge Allure products to try. As you know this fall Chanel launched two new products Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme and Rouge Allure Liquid Powder. So basically, this sample was a nice opportunity to try ALL Rouge Allure products and find a perfect lipstick.

The sample contains:

Rouge Allure (creamy lipstick) in 91 Seduisante

Rouge Allure Velvet (creamy lipstick) in 43 La Favorite

Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme (creamy lipstick) in 114 Epitome

Rouge Allure Ink (liquid lipstick) in 148 Libere

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder (liquid lipstick) in 956 Invecible

Rouge Allure/ 91 Seduisante and Rouge Allure Velvet/ 43 La Favorite – I wont say much about these lipsticks as I have already review these formulas before, so here I was just testing different shades. The colours were pretty nice, however, they applied unevenly and showed up all dryness on my lips, plus quickly faded into lip lines. I think it happened because of the format lipsticks were packed. It is just small solid squares that are hard to apply with a lip brush, so you need to take them with your hands and they start melting because of the body temperature. I think they would apply better from the original tube packing.

Lipstick swatches: Chanel Rouge Allure 91 Sediusante, Nyx Creamy Lipstick/640, Gucci Sheer Lipstick/630

Swatches: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet/43, Nyx Creamy Lipstick/640, Estrade/211

Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme/ 114 Epitome – originally I wanted to get this shade. In pictures, I thought it would be a nice deep cool red, but in really it is actually a berry red. Some berry red are nice, but I still prefer to have a blue tone red over a berry one. Again I had problems with applying lipstick as it also packed as a small square and because it is really pigmented it started to break in my hands. However, I was able to get some pigment on my fingers and get full coverage on lips. I must say this lipstick is really nice. Did not fade into lip lines, did not bleed, stayed ALL DAY and did not crumble. Amazing lipstick. I only wish Chanel would introduce more shade as current ones are pretty standard.

Swatches: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme/114, LorealxIsabel Marant/ la Butte Marshall, Estée Lauder Matte Lipstick/330

Rouge Allure Ink (liquid lipstick) in 148 Libere – This is a matte liquid lipstick which was first introduced in 2016. The original package has an applicator, but the sample contained a quite bad lip brush. I do not know if it was the texture or bad brush, but it took me time to apply the lipstick and even color. It did not last really long, after having a lunch it quite disappeared from lips, however, it claims to last up to 8 hours (the website shows that it was tested on only 23 women and I think it is really low number of people to test on). Maybe it was the sample fault that the lipstick did not work out well and in the original packaging it would be much better. So far, was not impressed.

Swatches: Chanel Rouge Allure Ink/148, Rouge Allure Velvet/ 56, Rimmel x Kate Moss/ 51

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder (liquid lipstick) in 956 Invecible – this is a new addition to chanel liquid lipsticks which is packed in a tube with a sponge applicatorses to give velvet tt is why it is a liquid powder) and the sponge helps to create a ‘smudge’ look. Because the sample contained only the product, I only was able to apply with either stupid brush or with fingers. And it was a big mess. Applied uneven, patchy, with crumbles on lips. It has a velvet finish, but it does not last long at all. Plus I felt that it was slightly frying on my lips.

Swatches: Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder/956, Rouge Allure Velvet/56, Nyx. Creamy Lipstick/513

Overall, I think Chanel did a really bad job with this sample. If you never used these products and were given this sample to try, I don’t think you will be happy with results and get full size products. The packaging is really bad, as you cant close it back and it will make liquid lipsticks dry out (that happened to Rouge Allure Ink). However, it is said that it will only last 1 month.

To be honest, I never saw Chanel having luxury mini versions of their make up products (only some mascaras from magazines), only samples, which is really annoying for a luxury brand. With liquid lipsticks you totally need to include a mini version of a original applicator, with a creamy ones you better to create a mini version of it, not to put a leftover.

You can get all products from the Chanel official website:

Rouge Allure – 31.00 GBP each

Rouge Allure Velvet – 31.00 GBP each

Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme – 31.00 GBP each

Rouge Allure Ink – 31.00 GBP each

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder – 31.00 GBP each

Thanks so much for reading this! Hope you will like it!

All photos by me

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